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25/06/2012 Featured Blogs - Whisky Tasting Fellowship

More from the new feature on whisky bloggers from around the world this time we travel to South Africa.

Next up is Mark Hughes from Whisky Tasting Fellowship in South Africa, Mark is one of only a few Whisky bloggers in the southern hemisphere and his unique writing style is well worth following.

Whisky Tasting Fellowship

Why did you start your Whisky website?

Initially to keep track of my whisky journey. Now I also want to get people as excited and passionate about whisky as I am.

What is your earliest Whisky Memory?

One or two drunken evenings with cheap and nasty blends back in varsity, which turned me off whisky for many, many years! My first awareness of whisky was a bottle of Chivas Regal 12 Year Old in its shiny silver box that lived, unopened, in the hall closet at my folks' place since I was in High School. My father gave me that very same bottle recently which I opened and enjoyed. A 20 year old bottle of 12 year old whisky :)

In no particular order what 3 Whiskies would you recommend to someone new to whisky?

I would recommend these 3:.
* Glenfiddich 12 Year Old - no surprise it's one of the world's best selling single malts. A great introduction to the world of whisky.
* Compass Box Peat Monster - the very first peated whisky I tried. I fell in love in a heartbeat! A gentle peat giant more than an all out monster.
*Three Ships 10 Year Old - a great example of a "new world" whisky. Readily available here in SA and at a very affordable price - I love the creamy fudge and sultana flavours expertly interwoven with subtle smoke.

Money no object, what Whisky would you love to own and open?

All of them! I would love to explore all the Port Ellen bottlings out there as well as some of the rarer stuff.

Would you have any tips for other Whisky drinkers?

Enjoy your own whisky journey! Don't get too hung up on what the "experts" have to say when it comes to tasting notes and the like. If it tastes like good whisky to you then that's all that matters. If you can, get some friends together to share and discuss your whiskies and grow your knowledge. The more you understand about how the whisky in your glass came to be - where it came from, the history of the distillery, the people who made it - the more you'll appreciate it.

Why should people visit your website?

There aren't too many whisky bloggers in the southern hemisphere, especially in Africa, so my aim is to share my whisky stories and experiences, tasting notes and whisky-event coverage in an attempt to bring people and whisky together. My hope is that my enthusiasm and enjoyment comes through in my writing and encourages more people out there to discover the wonderful world of whisky.

Many thanks to Mark and please remember to go visit his website at Whisky Tasting Fellowship and check out his reviews and news.