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11/06/2014 Diageo Opens New £1.5 Million Archive

Diageo Archive Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks company, opened the doors to a stunning new £1.5million home for the largest alcohol brand archive in the world.

The Diageo Archive’s fitting location, in Scotland, has been expanded with striking new facilities to store over half a million items of drinks heritage from world famous brands such as JOHNNIE WALKER®, TANQUERAY™, BAILEYS® and SMIRNOFF®. The collection is curated by a team of professional archivists dedicated to discovering and leveraging the stories behind these iconic brands.

Christine McCafferty, Archive Manager, said, “The Diageo Archive is the largest source of drinks brand information in the world. From vintage advertisements, to film and industry accolades, we have items dating back over four centuries, from 150 countries supporting 1,500 brands and nearly 200 production sites.

“It’s a living resource, changing daily as our teams create new advertising, new bottle designs and new innovation.”

The Diageo Archive, located in the village of Menstrie, near Alloa in Scotland, is widely regarded as instrumental in developing the stories behind Diageo’s leading brands, as David Gates, Diageo’s global head of premium core spirits, explains:

“In a world where people are making purchase decisions based on brand authenticity we have access to an unparalleled wealth of heritage that underpins our brands as category leaders.”

“We feel we are literally standing on the shoulders of giants – safeguarding the legacy left by the great individuals who forged new paths for our brands. The Diageo Archive is a significant resource in ensuring we continue to build upon their pioneering journeys.”

“It is as fundamental to the business today, as it was when first built and continues to establish credentials, support global initiatives and set cornerstones for iconic brands such as JOHN WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY™ and JOHNNIE WALKER® BLUE LABEL™.”

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