New Release / Master of Malt Announce 60 Year Old Speyside

07/03/2014 Master of Malt Announce 60 Year Old Speyside

master of Malt Speyside 60 Year Old Master of Malt have today announced a new addition to their Secret Distilleries Series inthe form of a 60 Year Old Speyside Single malt Whisky for the fantastic price of £999.95.

Master of Malt say - "Our award-winning Secret Bottlings series has raised the bar yet again with this extraordinary 60 (!) year old single malt Scotch whisky from a famous Speyside distillery. Our oldest bottling to date and one of the oldest whisky releases in history.

"By not revealing the name of the distillery, we're able to offer this incredibly well-aged whisky from some of the finest stock for a fraction of the price that a release like this would usually command. In fact, it's an order of magnitude (or two) more reasonable than releases of a similar age, which now carry 5 or even 6 figure price tags! What you're paying for with Master of Malt 60 Year Old Speyside, of course, is the important bit - the liquid itself."

Official Tasting Notes

Beautiful malt to the fore, with a sublime backing of nutmeg, cocoa butter and raisin. Gentle waves of soft white grapes, custard apples and golden syrup. Astonishingly refined oaken notes.

Palate: Creamy, mouth-filling palate entry delivering a touch of chocolate and ground allspice. Quite tropical too – there’s a note of coconut, perhaps mango. An ethereal high-note akin to tomato stems. With time, it becomes quite herbal, with a potpourri-like character, sitting very nicely atop a solid core of rich, thick malt.

Finish: A long, elegant finish, trailing off gracefully with pipe tobacco, molasses and dried herbs. A slice of tangy green apple lingers.

In a time where more and more whiskies are going Non Age Statement I think this is a breathe of fresh air and i''m looking forward to trying this over the next couple of days and you can too if you head to Master of Malt where you can either buy a full bottle of a Dram.