New Release / Hankey Bannister Heritage Blend

17/07/2013 Hankey Bannister Heritage Blend

Hankey Bannister Hankey Bannister Blended Scotch Whisky celebrates its illustrious and rich history today by launching the Heritage Blend, a faithful recreation of the 1920s style of Hankey Bannister.

In 2012 a British couple discovered they were in possession of a very rare bottle of Hankey Bannister Fine Old Liqueur Scotch Whisky dating from between 1924 and 1928. They approached the brand which purchased the find with a view to add it to the archives. As it turned out, the seal on the bottle was intact and the liquid inside was perfectly preserved.

First decades of the 20th century were the golden era of Hankey Bannister, at the time the favourite tipple of many celebrities and politicians, but until recently the brand had no liquid from that period suitable for analysis. This made the discovery of the old bottle all the more significant.

Slightly sweeter and noticeably smoky, the 1920s classic inspired the company Master Blender Stuart Harvey to recreate the style of the long-forgotten blend using currently available stock. Mr Harvey used Hankey Bannister Original Blended Scotch Whisky as the starting point and carefully transformed it into a faithful recreation of the historic liquid with the use of older whiskies and peated malts. The result is a rich and full flavoured blend bursting with sweet and fruity aromas of burnt oranges and green apples followed by vanilla, caramel and hints of spice, with a whiff of smoke adding to its darker and more complex character. The blend has a high malt content is bottled at 46% ABV.

Hankey Bannister Brand Manager Lynne Buckley commented:

‘The colourful history of Hankey Bannister is of great interest to our team and also to our drinkers, so to have the opportunity to bring to life an authentic part of the whisky’s history has been an enormous pleasure. We are very fortunate that someone back in the 1920s decided to store this bottle for posterity – and that it was in such good condition 90 years after bottling. Stuart Harvey has done a great job in creating a blend that is true to the taste and style of the antique whisky whilst also being a wonderful dram for modern day whisky drinkers.’

In line with the meticulous work carried out in the blending lab, the design team took inspiration from the original packaging. The result is a beautiful and striking black bottle, created using a pioneering glass colouring technique, graced with period lettering and the iconic Hankey Bannister logo.

For a discerning whisky drinker Hankey Bannister Heritage Blend is a rare opportunity to experience first hand a piece of the whisky industry history and sample liquid which George V, Sir Winston Churchill, Evelyn Waugh and many of their contemporaries would instantly recognise. 5000 cases of Hankey Bannister Heritage Blend will be available globally. The recommended retail price in the UK is £25. -

Hankey Bannister Heritage Blend