New Release / Whisky of the Gods - Loki

12/03/2013 Whisky of the Gods - Loki

Highland Park Loki Not pleased with his earnest and honourable brother taking all the credit last year, the troublesome Loki has tried his tricky hand at whisky distilling and concocted the second in the Valhalla Collection: Highland Park LOKI.

The son of two giants, Loki’s position in Norse mythology is that of a trickster, often engaged in treachery and mischief. He revels in his role, causing problems for gods Odin and Thor as well as being responsible for the death of Thor’s brother, Baldr.

Loki, also associated with fire, is one of the most complex characters in Norse mythology and constantly challenges the gods, questioning their order and hierarchy within Asgard. Loki channels his power as a shapeshifter, often taking different forms to achieve his mischievous aims, the culmination of which is the great battle of Ragnarök.

In celebration of his own cunning, Loki has attempted to match the success and popularity of last year’s Thor, creating his own line in Highland Park fire-water. This crafty 15 year old single malt continues the Valahalla Collection’s tradition of reflecting the character traits of the Norse gods within its liquid. Taking the key characteristics that Loki is infamous for and distilling them through the famous Five Keystones of ‘The Best Spirit in the World’ LOKI is a Highland Park expression like no other.

Highland Park Loki

LOKI is very much a Highland Park whisky but as with all that Loki does, all is not as it seems. With the classic traces of sweetness and spice, this single malt has been finished in Spanish sherry casks and some heavily peated casks, giving it a smoky punch but retaining a light colour, LOKI is bound to surprise and confound.

Like its namesake, LOKI is unpredictable and impulsive. Distilled where sea turns to ocean, Highland Park is a meeting point of nature’s forces, resulting in a single malt whisky which is both dynamic and energetic; with constantly evolving flavours and a fiendish inner complexity.

Loki represents the continuation of Highland Park’s stunning Valhalla Collection; a range of four unique whiskies which started with the fearsome Thor last year, taking inspiration from the legendary Nordic gods of old.

Bottled at 48.7% abv this limited edition whisky comes housed in the same unique wooden frame as Thor, echoing the fearsome contours of a traditional Viking long ship and continuing the legacy of the Valhalla Collection.

Gerry Tosh, Global Marketing Manager, says,

“Last year we faced up to a challenge in making Thor. We wanted to distil a whisky that embodied the personality and characteristics of a ‘person’, of a Norse god even. Many said that it couldn’t be done but we achieved something special in the creation of the first expression in the Valhalla Collection.

Building on the success of Thor, which saw stock sell out worldwide, LOKI will continue to take Highland Park and the Valhalla Collection into new territory. While everyone will enjoy the definite Highland Park-ness to this 15 year old single malt, it will be the unexpected and surprisingly smoky dynamics that will really get palates excited and mouths talking. This is an exciting whisky, unlike any expression that has come before and will beguile and fascinate with its complexity and trickery, just as Loki does.

Since we’ve put Thor first, it is only right that we should follow with his adopted brother Loki, the cause of most of the problems to the gods of Asgard and one of the most interesting and entertaining characters in Norse mythology. This whisky defies expectations of a Highland Park but remains, very much a true whisky of the gods.”

Loki will be available from specialist independent whisky retailers, at the Highland Park distillery and at a RRP of £130.

Official Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Deep, golden, clear and bright.

Nose: Damp fire embers and old polished leather armchair, with a hint of lemon peel, cooked banana and cocoa powder.

Palate: The initial peat gives way to vanilla with ground ginger and cassia bark.

Finish: Initially spicy developing into a dry woody note with a hint of fruit peel.