New Release / New Port Askaig Whiskies Now Available at The Whisky Exchange

22/02/2013 New Port Askaig Whiskies Now Available at The Whisky Exchange

Port Askaig 12 The latest releases from Speciality Drinks Ltd’s Port Askaig range of single malt whiskies are now available at The Whisky Exchange. Sourced from an undisclosed distillery on the famed whisky-producing island of Islay they are selected to show a classic Islay profile across a range of different ages.

The Port Askaig 12 years old, released at The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show in October 2012, is now joined by two additions to the range, aged for 19 and 30 years respectively and bottled at cask Port Askaig 12 years old – 45.8% abv

Nose: Very fresh and invigorating, with bracing sea air, seashells, a minerally character like wet slate, plus phenolic notes of ash and wet burnt wood. Faint honeyed, leafy notes in the background. Becomes earthier with time.

Palate: Mediumweight, but packs a punch. Very minerally initially, then salty and sweet at the same time. Becomes ashy and drying, with the brininess increasing as the smoke, dry turf and chalky, flinty notes assume control mid-palate.

Finish: Some lemony acidity breezes in to keep things fresh as the ashy smoke and turf linger. Comment: More savoury than some drams from this distillery, this 12yo has impressive depth of character for a relatively young malt, but remains light enough to encourage a refill. Very more-ish.

Port Askaig 19 Port Askaig 19 years old Cask Strength – 50.4% abv

Nose: Quite rich, with a great contrast of pure, clean, lemon-creamy malt and some deliciously dirty, turfy, earthy, sooty, oily phenols. Medicine cabinet hints of bandages, liniment, Savlon and swimming pools in the background. Gets more like a smoky lemon cheesecake with time in the glass.

Palate: Lemon & tart apple fruit at first, then big phenolic grunt, with lots of hot bitumen, ash, tar, soot; then creamy lemon and honey, a minerally note and burning turf.

Finish: The lemon cheesecake returns as the heavy phenols slowly disperse, leaving a sweet tingle

Comment: Although only a few % higher in abv, this 19 year old Port Askaig certainly raises the intensity compared to previous batches. Water releases a little sweetness.

Port Askaig 30 Port Askaig 30 years old Cask Strength – 51.1% abv

Nose: Lots going on: rich honey sweetness, some strong melon notes, bananas in various forms - fresh, foam and milkshake, then some barley sugar and very light smoke emerges.

Palate: Quite full and generous, with very rich flavours following on from the nose, and a luxurious oily texture. Sweet initially, but the phenols are much more evident on the palate than the nose, with thick smoke and rich wet peat alongside more subdued melon and banana fruit notes from the nose. A thread of honeyed lemon runs through the whole ensemble.

Finish: Good length, sweet and lightly sooty, with the fruit lingering much longer than expected.

Comment: We've normally bottled this at the traditional 80 proof, but the vatting was just far too good to add water to. Superb stuff.

The Port Askaig 12yo, 19yo Cask Strength, and 30yo Cask Strength are now available from The Whisky Exchange website and London shop: