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03/11/2016 anCnoc New Expressions Released

ancnoc 35 Years Old Three interesting and flavour packed recent releases from anCnoc, please find details below of the these tasty treats.

We’re delighted to announce the limited edition release of our most exclusive bottling to date; the balanced and full-bodied 35-year-old second release. This fine whisky is being introduced with just 670 bottles available globally.

Laid to rest for over three decades in American oak ex-bourbon barrels, the casks have been carefully chosen by distillery manager Gordon Bruce and master blender Stuart Harvey.

Giving rise to a unique dram that still retains its youthful edge; the 35-year-old has top notes of lemon curd, green apples and cut flowers followed by honey sweetness, creamy toffee, leather and spice. Warming wood smoke makes for a fragrant and rich aroma

@ancnoc_whisky release anCnoc 35 year old

Meet the highly anticipated Rùdhan, the latest travel retail expression to join the anCnoc Peaty Collection.

Available globally at travel retail outlets after officially launching at the Tax Free World Association Exhibition in Cannes this expression takes its name from the peat harvesting process. The term ‘rùdhan’ [roo-an] refers to the final stage, in which the peat is stacked for several weeks to dry out ahead of burning to create the signature smokiness associated with the range.

Measuring 46% ABV and pale straw in appearance, the initial fruity aromas give way to the strong scent of woody smokiness. To taste, the famous earthy peat flavour is followed by warming spices and burnt sugar, ending with a long and smooth finish.

@ancnoc_whisky release anCnoc Rudhan

A brand new regional exclusive has joined our Peaty Collection. Launched at Whisky Live Paris on 24th September – a full-bodied, long-lasting smoky expression named Stack.

The term ‘stack’ refers to the last step in the gathering process, where the peat blocks are stored together to dry ahead of being burnt.

With just 6,000 bottles being produced, this limited edition has been released exclusively in Western and Eastern Europe before becoming available in Scandinavia from 21st October 2016.

@ancnoc_whisky release anCnoc stack