New Release / Douglas Laing Reveals Yula 21 Years Old

04/10/2016 Douglas Laing Reveals Yula 21 Years Old

Douglas Laing Reveals Yula 21 Years Old Douglas Laing, World Whiskies Awards Brand Innovators of the Year 2016, today announces the launch of Yula 21 Years Old, the second of a three-part series of Island Malt Scotch Whisky, inspired by the eponymous ancient Islay legend of a beautiful but tragic Norse goddess.  

Douglas Laing’s Yula Limited Edition #2 is comprised of several of Scotland’s most sought after, peated malts, proudly bottled at natural cask strength of 52.3%, and without colouring nor chill-filtration. She charts the spirit’s journey over time and celebrates the Laing family’s own proud origins on Islay. The first edition, Yula 20 Years Old, launched in October 2015 to resounding global acclaim, and this new release shows Yula’s evolution one year on, in a fascinating study of the importance of time in the Scotch Whisky maturation journey and story.

Ancient Islay legend tells of a beautiful Norse goddess Yula, who went in search of her long lost love with an apron full of pebbles. The stones fell out as she travelled, forming a string of islands and leaving behind a trail of her thankless pursuit. Tragic Yula never did find her love, but perished in the tempestuous seas surrounding Islay, the last jewel-shaped stone to fall from her apron. It’s here on Islay, which in old Norse means “Yula’s Isle”, that Douglas Laing’s heroine is buried, her final resting place marked by two standing stones which can still be seen to this day.   Yula’s trilogy charts the spirit’s journey, not now over land and sea – but within the cask, where the magic of maturation transpires and the various elements are finally united in their own marriage. 

Douglas Laing’s Marketing Manager, Jenny Rogerson, comments: “The Yula trilogy has already been a fascinating exercise for us here at Douglas Laing, as we lovingly monitor the subtle changes in the spirit over the past year, since releasing Chapter 1. The angels’ share has seen the alcohol strength drop only a tiny amount, from 52.6% to 52.3% over 12 months, and Fred, together with our tasting panel has cited a sweeter, gristier note compared to Yula 20 Years Old. We can’t wait to hear consumers’ comments on this new release, which is already proving desirable for collectors.”

Yula’s Second Chapter is available from specialist Whisky retailers from September 2016. Just 900 bottles are available globally.  

Official Tasting Notes:  

On the nose, catch an ozone clean style and sea spray with a later drift of gentle peat. The palate carries a real sweet, butterscotch’d quality ahead of a gristy, charred wood, BBQ, ash and softly- sooted character. Those tones are all as apparent on the finish, plus burnt, sweet toast, herbal cough-drops and the gentlest of phenols.

Douglas Laing Reveals Yula 21 Years Old