New Release / Littlemill Release Exclusive 25 Year Old

09/11/2015 Littlemill Release Exclusive 25 Year Old

Littlemill 25 year old Littlemill have very recently announced the bottling of this 25 year old whisky from this distillery which was dismantled in 1997.

The two master blenders John Petersen and Michael Henry have dipped and nosed the remaining casks of 1989 and 1990 in our warehouse. From these they have selected 10 which they believe best represent the quality and style of whisky from the Littlemill Distillery.

These 10 casks have been married together to deliver this exceptional 25 year old lowland single malt whisky.

The 1989 liquid went into the cask on 17th December 1989 at 68.5 degrees and the 1990 was casked between 1st & 4th April 1990 at between 68.6 and 68.7 degrees.

The liquid was originally laid down in a mixture of the finest American and European Oak casks and for this 1st bottling it has been married together and has experienced a period of finishing in 1st fill European Oloroso Sherry casks.

Each of the 1500 individually numbered bottles comes with it's own miniature bottle for those who wish to taste it but also keep their bottle intact.

Littlemill 25 year old

Littlemill 25 bottle neck