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27/10/2015 Seven Travel Retail New Releases

Port Ellen 33 In terms of Global Travel Retail new releases this week has started with a bang, with first Jameson Irish Whiskey then Glenfiddich and then Diageo offering up some new goodies to those passing through Travel Retail outlets.

The following information has been taken from MoodieReport the specialist Global Travel Retail Intelligence website.

Jameson Irish whiskey introduces the Deconstructed Series

Jameson last week unveiled plans for its first global travel retail exclusive range of super-premium whiskies. The series was previewed at Tax Free World Exhibition in Cannes.

The Jameson Deconstructed Series presents key notes from Jameson Original and uses them as the base for three new whiskies: Bold, Lively and Round.

Irish Distillers CEO Anna Malmhake said: “We are incredibly excited to have created our first-ever Jameson range which will be exclusive to global travel retail.

"We wanted to give consumers around the world the opportunity to journey into the beautiful and multifaceted world of our whiskey, wherever they might be. The Deconstructed Series has everything that our consumers know and love about Jameson. The series invites our consumers to experience Jameson in a new way, exploring our defining characteristics.”

In the new series, the Jameson Original components have been deconstructed and reconstructed, allowing individual taste characteristics to be amplified in their own blend. The series includes three styles: Bold, influenced by pot still whiskey, Lively, influenced by grain whiskey and Round, influenced by the wood contribution.

Jameson Master Distiller Brian Nation said: “It’s fascinating to be able to deconstruct Jameson Original and create three entirely new whiskeys. Each of the new expressions in the series has its own individual characteristics that are amplified in a unique way. By doing this, we get to unveil three innovative taste experiences.”

The new Jameson Deconstructed Series will be available from 2016, exclusive to travel retail at RRP €36.

Jameson Irish whiskey introduces the Deconstructed Series

Glenfiddich partners with Baccarat for limited edition expression

Glenfiddich has revealed a long-term collaboration with Baccarat, manufacturer of fine crystal glassware.

At the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes, the Glenfiddich-Baccarat partnership introduced its first co-developed product, Glenfiddich Cask Collection Finest Solera, the first in a series of rare whisky expressions.

This is the latest and rarest expression in the Cask Collection Series, a range exclusive to travel retail, and is presented in a hand-blown, numbered and signed Baccarat decanter. It is available at selected outlets for £1,750.

William Grant & Sons Global Chief Marketing Officer Philip Gladman said: “As a family business we’ve always cherished our independence and the fact that it allows us to push the boundaries of what it means to enjoy whisky. The partnership with Baccarat enables us to take the Glenfiddich experience to new levels of hand-crafted luxury. The stunning presentation of the whisky matches the exceptional flavour profile of this superlative single malt. Travellers who select this product can do so knowing that they are purchasing a masterpiece, and that centuries of craftsmanship have gone into producing each one-of-a-kind.”

Baccarat Home Business Unit Vice President Stéphane Decaux said: “What greater compliment for our glassmakers than to be crafting decanters for the world’s most distinguished Scotch whisky. We take great pleasure in knowing that we have added to the renowned Glenfiddich experience, and we hope that contemporary connoisseurs of style, elegance and taste will savour every precious moment.”

Glenfiddich’s Malt Master Brian Kinsman selected up to 20 casks from Glenfiddich’s collection of rare whiskies, which have been maturing in Glenfiddich Bourbon and American Oak casks. He then married these whiskies for at least two months using Glenfiddich’s Solera process, in a specially created tun that can only hold 2,000 litres.

The whisky was then hand-decanted into Baccarat decanters. Each batch is numbered, and there will be a maximum of 600 bottles per batch.

The decanter is individually hand-blown by Baccarat master glassmakers, meaning each one is unique. Every decanter is marked with a bottle number, and the batch number is hand-written on the label alongside the signature of Brian Kinsman. The neck collar and stopper are made from premium copper, with hand-engraved Glenfiddich wording and the brand’s stag emblem. The red cartouche, a reference to the Baccarat red logo, is created using 24 carat gold powder and is displayed on the bottle.

Glenfiddich partners with Baccarat for limited edition expression

Diageo unveils rare single malt whisky trio in travel retail channel

Diageo Global Travel & Middle East (GTME) today unveiled three single malt whiskies, describing them as "some of the rarest, most complex and valuable Scotch whiskies in the world".

Port Ellen 33yo and Cragganmore 43yo are travel retail exclusives, while a small allocation of Royal Lochnagar 36yo (RRSP US$5,550) will also be sold domestically. Each is a single cask release.

Just 210 bottles of Port Ellen 33yo (RRSP US$7,020) exist. The distillery closed in 1983 and its whiskies have gone on to become some of the world’s most exclusive and sought-after single malts, Diageo claimed.

“Intensely smooth and sweet-centred with gentle salt and spice notes, this well-structured, once-in-a-lifetime island malt is both complex and robust beyond its years, crafted to be savoured and enjoyed,” said the company in its tasting notes.

Cragganmore 43yo (RRSP US$3,800) is the oldest Cragganmore ever released by the original distiller, and Diageo believes it to be the oldest ever bottled as a single malt. Just 474 bottles were produced from a hand-selected single cask release, all available exclusively in Dubai Duty Free.

“It is a very complex, dry and bittersweet single malt. Unusually spicy, it has great depth of character and a long, dry finish with a pleasingly charred warmth.”

Only 174 bottles of Royal Lochnagar 36yo old have been produced. Diageo noted: “In 1848 Queen Victoria and Consort Prince Albert visited the distillery and subsequently granted it a Royal Warrant. At that time Highland malt whiskies were somewhat more robust and vibrant than they are today and this 1978 single malt pays homage to this with its distinctive Highland profile, deep and rich character and abundance of fruit and spice.”

Diageo Global Travel and Middle East Global Marketing Director Peter Fairbrother said: “We are investing in our amazing range of single malts to drive growth in the Scotch category in travel retail.

“These single malts are some of the rarest, most distinctive and most valuable whiskies in the world. The exclusivity of these whiskies cannot be overstated as only a few hundred bottles of each exist.

“Each of these exclusive single malts has a distinguished heritage and a compelling story and presents a unique opportunity for collectors and whisky lovers to own a piece of Scotch whisky history.”

Thanks to the MoodieReport for bringing all of these releases to our attention.

Just 210 bottles of Port Ellen 33yo (RRSP US$7,020) exist. The distillery closed in 1983.

Just 210 bottles of Port Ellen 33yo (RRSP US$7,020) exist. The distillery closed in 1983.

You'll have to visit Dubai Duty Free to get your hands on this beauty, a Cragganmore 43yo (RRSP US$3,800) which ranks as the oldest Cragganmore ever released by the original distiller. Just 474 bottles were produced from a hand-selected single cask release.

Only 174 bottles of Royal Lochnagar 36yo old have been produced.