New Release / John Dewar & Sons Launches Aultmore Single Malt

06/01/2015 John Dewar & Sons Launches Aultmore Single Malt

AUltmore John Dewar & Sons Ltd. unveils a new range of proprietary bottlings from Aultmore distillery, forming part of its ‘Last Great Malts’ of Scotland, with AULTMORE® 12-year-old, AULTMORE® 21-year-old (in Travel Retail only) and AULTMORE® 25-year-old in limited quantities.

The new range of this ethereal single malt, never released by the distillery before, launches from January 2015 and will be available initially in 10 markets; a rare chance to savour a whisky shrouded in secrecy for over a century.

AULTMORE has been producing malt whisky since 1897, yet little is known about this obscure distillery. Often cloaked in thick fog and exuding an air of mystery, the sparsely populated land surrounding its site has always felt somewhat isolated. The distillery sits in the sweeping hills of Moray, just north of the town of Keith on the rolling road to Buckie.

It was built by Alexander Edward, close to curious terrain called the Foggie Moss. This enigmatic area, well known for illicit distillation in days gone by, is home to Aultmore’s water source. Damp, atmospheric conditions prevail here and the water, filtered through the gorse and heather that abounds, is crucial to the whisky’s light, clear character.

The Scotch itself is often dubbed the ‘Rarest of Speyside’, yet its taste has long been rated top-class by industry insiders and is much sought-after for its grassy notes and exceptional smoothness. Despite its rarity, for more than 100 years it’s known to have been a secret dram of locals and Buckie fishermen, savoured by those who knew to ask at nearby inns for ‘a nip of the Buckie Road’.

Stephen Marshall, Single Malts Global Marketing Manager, says: “Aultmore is elusive, mysterious and one of the easiest drinking drams around; I think Scotch lovers are going to really enjoy this one”.

Aultmore will be available from January with a 12-year-old, a 21-year-old in Travel Retail and a 25-year-old in limited quantities. It will be released initially in 10 markets around the world including Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Travel Retail.

Official Aultmore Tasting Notes:

Aultmore 12 Years Old, 46% ABV
(My Review Here)
Born of fog, bog and brimming wee burns, a verdant nose of dewy moss and delicate flora, sweet liquid tracking a secluded path, gliding through green grass and fresh wild herbs.

Aultmore 21 Years Old, 46% ABV
Ethereal summer nights, gloaming air tinged with fruity olive oil and rosemary, then velvety sweetness with soft melon and cereal hues; a sleekit-smooth secret, shared at last.

Aultmore 25 Years Old, 46% ABV (My Review Here)
Reclined in damp shorn grass, vapours of lime and baked apples, each silken sip unveiling lush vanilla and buttery biscuits; dreich skies deserve a top-class dram.