New Release / The Lakes Gin Arrives

04/11/2014 The Lakes Gin Arrives

Lakes Gin As the only gin to be produced and distilled in Cumbria, The Lakes Gin is a truly unique creation.

Distilled in the beautiful wilds of the Lake District National Park, our gin is made with local botanicals foraged by us, and distilled slowly and lovingly in our small artisan still to create a delicious flavour and evoke a sense of the Cumbrian fells.

The isolated, wet, mountainous landscape creates the perfect environment for our ingredients; heather, bilberry, hawthorn, meadowsweet and the native Cumbrian juniper which when combined create the smell and atmosphere of the Lake District. These blend perfectly with the Cassia Bark and other foreign exotics that make up our magical botanical mix.

We are so passionate about using our surrounding natural resources that we even distil our gin using water from the famous River Derwent which runs 150m from our site as it emerges into Bassenthwaite Lake next to the distillery. Our grain spirit, which is the initial base of the gin, is made entirely from English wheat.

We believe that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to spirit production, which is why, instead of the rapid distillation found in most other mass produced gins, ours is produced very slowly and very carefully using traditional artisan distilling methods. Our gin is lovingly distilled onsite in our small 1,000 litre copper pot still, which is perfectly designed to produce an outstanding spirit. Its unique shape helps to maintain greater character in the spirit leading to a simply delicious flavour.

We have paid great attention to the plant installed within the distillery to ensure the very highest quality of our spirits and have introduced a number of innovations to the process which are at the cutting edge of distilling.

The character of The Lakes Gin is truly unique. We have carefully chosen our local botanicals to develop a sense of place and passion synonymous with the Cumbrian fells.

Cumbrian Juniper
Sustainable juniper berries are at the heart of the Lakes Gin and it just so happens the Lake District is the main area in the UK where juniper is grown.

Thought to have colonised Cumbria after the glaciers of the ice age receded, Juniper is adapted to cold, harsh conditions and can survive without much in the way of soil nutrition. Over the centuries these small, dark purple berries have been put to a number of uses, such as an early form of barbed wire, burnt as charcoal and they were even used by Egyptians as a hair colouring.

Our Water
Our water is sourced directly from the River Derwent, a famous salmon and trout river, which flows 150m from the distillery. Its source is high up in the fells at Sprinkling Tarn, which is a small mountain lake near Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak.

The distillery has sent a sample of the water to be used in its distilling process for comprehensive analysis with a leading analytical chemist in Scotland. The resulting report showed that the water is of outstanding quality for producing spirits.

The water is very soft, resulting in a very smooth gin. Another key factor is the water’s ‘turbidity’, which is a measure of the water’s clarity. Turbidity is measured with a scale from 0 to over 100 with 0 being perfection and the distillery’s water scored 0.6 which is exceptional.

Chemmy Alcott
Britain’s number one female Alpine skier, Chemmy Alcott, is the Lakes Distillery’s ambassador, after whom we have named our gin still – the ‘Chemmy’. To celebrate her involvement and the launch of the gin, we have created 1,000 limited edition bottles of The Lakes Gin which will each be personally signed and numbered by both Chemmy and founder of the distillery, Paul Currie. These limited edition bottles will be available from September 2014.

The Key Facts
• Our grain spirit, which is the initial base of the gin, is made entirely from English wheat
• Our gin is distilled in our own 1,000 litre copper pot still on-site at The Lakes Distillery
• As well as traditional gin botanicals, local botanicals are at the heart of our gin – Cumbrian juniper, bilberry, meadowsweet, hawthorn and heather
• Our water is sourced directly from the River Derwent which flows 150m from the distillery, ideal for spirits

The Spirit
• Bottle Strength: 43.7%

Our Distillery
The Lakes Distillery is a £5m investment, situated close to the beautiful Bassenthwaite Lake. From September we will start production of, The Lakes Malt and The Lakes Vodka, in addition to the first ever British Isles blended whisky, The ONE which has been available since early 2014.

We have three stills in total – two for whisky production, one for gin and vodka. Each have been made to our exclusive design, fabricated by McMillans in Scotland, who have been one of the leading still manufacturers in the country for over 100 years.