New Release / Dalmore to Launch The Fortuna Merita Collection

30/10/2014 Dalmore to Launch The Fortuna Merita Collection

The Dalmore distillery has revealed that it will be launching The Fortuna Merita Collection – meaning ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ - exclusively into travel retail from Spring 2015.

The Dalmore Fortune Merita Collection is comprised of three new expressions, named Regalis, Luceo and Dominium, which have each been designed to represent contemporary interpretations of the spirit and heritage of The Dalmore. Each bottle is rooted back to the endeavours of the Mackenzie clan, who not only saved the life of King Alexander III from a charging stag, but who were also instrumental in The Dalmore Distillery’s regal legacy.

It was over 100 years ago that the Mackenzie’s, owners of the distillery at that time, set out to find the very best sherry casks to mature their whisky. They formed an alliance with Gonzalez Byass, the grandest of bodegas, to provide outstanding sherry casks in which to mature their whisky. This partnership has long endured and the world renowned bodega still exclusively provides the casks for the distillery to this very day.

These casks are instrumental in shaping the spirit of The Dalmore and the three new travel retail expressions have each been maturing in a different sherry woods to give them a bold, distinctive and unique flavour - The Dalmore Regalis is finished in Amoroso, The Dalmore Luceo in Apostoles, whilst The Dalmore Dominium in Matusalem.

Francesco Scaglione, Head of Travel Retail for Whyte & Mackay, said: “The Dalmore has excelled in travel retail over the last three years and now makes up the largest volume market for the brand.

Our first travel retail exclusive, The Dalmore Valour, has performed phenomenally well and has pioneered the way for our newest collection.

I’m particularly excited about the launch of Fortuna Merita Collection as once again it showcases the innovation and skill of our Master Distiller Richard Paterson. In my opinion he has created three exquisite whiskies with individual and distinct flavour profiles that have been matured in Gonzalez Byass casks that are unique to The Dalmore .”