New Release / Isle of Arran Unleash Legend of Machrie Moor with 2 New Expressions

26/09/2014 Isle of Arran Unleash Legend of Machrie Moor with 2 New Expressions

Machrie Moor CS If you are prepared to explore Machrie Moor, you will be delighted with what you discover.

Though the legend talks of the warrior giant Fingal and his favourite dog, what will actually await you is a stunning expression of the Arran Malt – a delightful drink with a tale to tell.

Award-winning Scotch whisky producer Isle of Arran Distillers is launching the latest in its Machrie Moor peated whisky collection, which includes the first ever cask strength version of the limited edition Single Malt.

The Machrie Moor Single Malt first appeared five years ago, inspired by the legend of a warrior giant who tethered his dog to a stone in a mystical peat bog called Machrie Moor which lies on the west coast of the Isle of Arran.

This September the fifth edition of Machrie Moor – the only peated Arran malt – will be released worldwide, alongside a cask strength edition which has been bottled at 58.4%. Both single malts are limited edition and highly anticipated because of their unique flavour.

Machrie Moor 5 Master Distiller James MacTaggart carefully chose the very best Arran peated casks to create these two whiskies to savour.

MacTaggart said: “When we first created Machrie Moor, we wanted to create a drink which kept the character and taste of Arran that our followers love but included a taste of something different with the peat flourish.

“We were blown away with the reception our first edition of Machrie Moor received which has inspired us to produce the subsequent editions and now this fifth expression.

“This year’s edition is particularly special as we are also introducing a cask strength version of the single malt, which we are really excited about and we are confident it will prove popular with whisky fans who want to try a cask strength dram with a difference.”

Machrie Moor – The Peated Arran Malt – has hints of vanilla, fresh pineapple and citrus, with an extra punch of peat smokiness on the finish.

The cask strength edition has distinct influence of peat and notes of fresh pineapple and a caramelised bourbon cask vanilla finish.

Only 12,000 bottles of Machrie Moor Fifth Edition and just 6,000 bottles of the first edition cask strength Machrie Moor will be available when they go on sale on October 6th.

Euan added: “We were inspired by the legend of warrior giant Fingal tethering his favourite dog Bran to a stone known as Fingal’s Cauldron Seat on Machrie Moor and these peated expressions of the Arran Single Malt perfectly captures the rugged beauty and lore of the landscape of this area of Arran.

Our followers have come to know and love Machrie Moor over the last five years for its distinctive taste and we are hopeful that whisky lovers will respond just as well to the new cask strength edition which is really something special.”

The releases will be available to all Arran key markets worldwide including UK, France, Germany, USA, Russia and Japan.

Machrie Moor – The Peated Arran Malt (46% abv) has an RRP of £41.99 while Machrie Moor Cask Strength Single Malt (58.4%) has an RRP of £49.99. Both are available from and specialist whisky shops.

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