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24/02/2014 A Selection of Glengoyne Drams

Back in October 2013 my good friend Yoav (@yoavgel) from Whisky Gospel was in Sunny Scotland for a few whisky tours and we had arranged for me to pick him, and his travelling companion Rotem, up on their last day in Glasgow, do the tour at Glengoyne then on to drop them off at Edinburgh Airport.

This was my first visit to Glengoyne, which i can't understand why as it's such a lovely setting for a distillery. I was a bit disappointed with the inability to take pictures within the distillery, but the tour was very good. You can read more about our tour on Yoav's blog here.

As i was designated driver I had done the sensible thing and taken sample bottles with me which i poured my tour samples into and i reviewed the drams at home.

Glengoyne 12Glengoyne 12 Year Old

Glengoyne 12 year old is the staple of the range, and the first dram we had sitting in the visitors lounge before we had the tour, whilst watching the video that they play.

It's a lovely dram with lots of toffee and fruit, very pleasant indeed and certainly one i would recommend to people to have a try of at somepoint in their whisky journey.

This seems to have been replaced with a 10 Year Old on the Glengoyne Website but is still available from Master of Malt

Bottle Name Glengoyne 12 Year Old
Bottler Glengoyne
Distiller Glengoyne
Age* 12
ABV 43%
Nose theres an initial Massive amount of toffee notes in here which is complimented with huge fruit notes especially plum & citrus fruit with fresh lemon & Orange Juice hiding in the background
Taste theres some sweet prunes with toffee and caramel and orange peel & a touch of allspice poppin up in the background
Finish Prune juice & caramel

Glengoyne 15Glengoyne 15 Year Old

After the tour around the distillery we were taken into the the main house for a sit in the lounge and the next two drams, first being this 15 Year Old.

Now this is such a lovely nose, lovely vanilla coming through strong with more of that fruitiness underneath.

This is available at the Glengoyne online shop or via specialists like Master of Malt

Bottle Name Glengoyne 15 Year Old
Bottler Glengoyne
Distiller Glengoyne
Age* 15
ABV 43%

Lots of freshly Scraped madagascan vanilla pods in here to begin with then theres touches of nectarine skin with fresh citrus peel & lots of freshly squeezed Carrott Juice

Taste Sweet demerera sugar with touches of chinese old spice with nectarine fruit smoothie & orange peel
Finish An edge of spice & touch of toffee

Glengoyne 18 Glengoyne 18 Year Old

The second of the two drams we had in the distillery house was this 18 Year old.

Much more citrus fruit in here which was a little bitter, but the salted caramels and sugary notes that come in time really help lift it, it's not as good as the 21 year old but then that is one of my all time favourite drams.

Again available from the distillery online shop or from Master of Malt

Bottle Name Glengoyne 18 Year Old
Bottler Glengoyne
Distiller Glengoyne
Age* 18
ABV 43%
Nose A mix of citrus fruit peel specifically orange and lime with Vanilla essence & salted caramels with raisins & sultanas and a hint of Demerara sugar
Taste Demerera sugar with plum juice and citrus peel With Mixed spices & crushed nuts
Finish sweet & fruity with citrus peel & spice

Glengoyne teapotGlengoyne Tea-pot Dram Batch 2

For this dram we moved into the Distillery shop and were poured the dram into china teacups. It's a bit gimmicky and the story behind it (check the Glengoyne site here) is fun and gimicky too and i like that kind of thing.

There's some really interesting notes in here with dark skinned fruits and leather coming from the sherry casks that really stand out, the higher strength also helps make this a much more powerful dram.

Only available to buy at the distillery or via their online shop.

Bottle Name Glengoyne Tea-pot Dram Batch 2
Bottler Glengoyne
Distiller Glengoyne
Age* NAS
ABV 58.5%

oh this is interesting, theres intially some fresh leather with lots of plum skin notes & citrus fruit, a nip of freshly grated ginger spice & acetone with lots of orange & lemon peel

Taste A really spicy kick of acetone with a chunk of terrys Chocolate orange & plum and cranberry Sauce
Finish Spicy & warming a winter cracker