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12/05/2012 Auchentoshan Distillery Visit

The Auchentoshan DistilleryTodays visit to Auchentoshan for a wee tour was something i'd been meaning to do for a long time.

Having Recently got my W-Club membership via the awesome guys at Compass Box Whisky i thought it would be an ideal opportunity to make use of the Free Distillery Tours option offered at Auchentoshan by having my W-Club membership.

I was joined on this visit by my very good friend and fellow photography fanatic Adam Matheson who met me at the Distillery, as we're coming towards the distillery from different sides, myself from Livingston and Adam from Helensburgh.

Our tour party consisted of the two of us and a coach party of 20 Chinese tourists who were all very enthusiastic about Whisky and photography.

Auchentoshan Cask

Our tour guide for the day was Louisa who was absolutely brilliant and coped brilliantly with the language barrier encountered occasionally with the Chinese tourists and with our own questions.

The Wash Backs

The beer(y) smell from the wash backs is amazing and reminds me totally of visits to Breweries and of many a night spent drink Caledonian Ales.

The open Washbacks

I didn't take any photographs in the or around the warehouse but was very interested to see the Bordeaux casks being used now although i do have to admit to not being a fan of wine casked whiskies, although i am willing to be proven wrong.

Once back in the tasting bar and after the rest of our party had finished their samples of Auchentoshan 12yr, and had stopped photographing everything in site, it was only Adam and myself left in the bar chatting to Louisa who offered us the opportunity to sample another couple of the whiskies from the Auchentoshan range.

We had a wee sample of the Springwood and the Heartwood which were originally available only as Travel Retail bottlings. I have some tasting notes from all three of the Auchentoshan bottlings which I will sort out, try to re-read my handwriting, and post up over the next few days.

All three of the staff that i met today at the visitors centre, Louisa, Mahj and Stevie, were brilliant, friendly chatty and knowledgable and i cannot recommend the Auchentoshan Distillery Tour highly enough. If you have the time and are passing then it is definitely worth a visit.

There is also the Auchentoshan Festival on Saturday 16th June which i'm hoping to organise a wee trip out to.