Port Charlotte The Peat Project
I've been a big fan of Port Charlotte whiskies (or the peated Bruichladdichs) for a while now and this is a cracking example.

Port Charlotte Unreleased - #TheDramOGram
After the success of the 12 Drams and 12 Blends twitter tastings I wanted to do something a bit different so came up with #TheDramOGram

Bruichladdich PC 9 Prediction
Massive thanks to Danny (@dramstats) of the Dramstats Whisky Blog for this sample of Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 9 Prediction

Port Charlotte An Turas Mor
I have lots of ways in which i pick which whiskies to buy, some just for the brand and others as it sounds interesting, I bought this bottle of Port Charlotte An Turas Mor after a recommendation by Ra

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