Limeburners M76

limeburners m76 This Limeburners M76 is part of a series of three small batch whiskies from Australian distillery Limeburners which have been provided to me by Andrew (@ardbaggie) who is their UK representative.

This dram was matured in 100ltr American ex bourbon casks and finished in very old Australian port casks barrelled on the 03/04/2009 and bottled on the 19/12/2012 and the flavours from suh a young dram are great, really fruity and toffied, a lovely very easy to drink dram.

Many thanks to Andrew (@ardbaggie) and Limeburners for the official sample.


lovely light Red liqurice laces with lots of red berry fruits, and hints of halls cherry soothers with a coating of quality street caramel coins and freshly made caramel

sweet demerera sugar and plum jam with an oily cherry sweetness and a hint of menthol

menthol, plum jam and sugar.

Bottle Name: Limeburners M76
Age: 3
ABV: 43.00
Distiller: Limeburners
Bottler: Limeburners
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Australia, Please Select

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