Edinburgh Gin Spiced Orange Gin

Edinburgh Gin Spiced Orange Gin Welcome to day #24 of Gin month with the wonderful Edinburgh Gin Spiced Orange Gin

The most recent release in the range of flavoured gins i love the nose on this, with orange and cough medicine and i hear it works fantastically well in some mulled cider.

Pick up a bottle from Master of Malt

Many thanks to the very generous folks at Spencerfield Spirits for the official samples.


There's a definite orange note in here which is surrounded by a medicinal-ness that reminds me of honey and lemon lockets and a touch of cough medicine, it's very sweet though.

A lot tamer and more honeyed than i was expecting from the nose, with orange being the most prominent flavour in here, with gentle spices

sweet and easy to drink

Bottle Name: Edinburgh Gin Spiced Orange Gin
Age: NAS
ABV: 20.00
Distiller: Edinburgh Gin
Bottler: Edinburgh Gin
Type: Gin
From: Scotland, Please Select

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