King of Soho Gin

King of Soho Gin Welcome to Day 21 of #GinMonth as I review King of Soho Gin.

A wonderful sample of gin provided to me by the very lovely Charlie (@The_Lady_Sybil) from The Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking, many thanks for the sample!

My goodness the bottle on this is cracking, i really think it looks amazing, and the gin is damn nice too.

Go try one, pop on over to Master of Malt and pick one up now.


(straight) theres lot of floral notes with the juniper and lavendar with fresh pine needles, actually almost the pine from a car air freshner.

(with tonic) more citrus notes add to the pine and juniper in here.

(straight) tangy and citrusy with juniper and pine

(with tonic) citrus and lavendar with fresh pine and some lavendar

(straight) tangy with pine and citrus

(with tonic) sweet citrus and tangy citrus peel.

Bottle Name: King of Soho Gin
Age: NAS
ABV: 42.00
Distiller: King of Soho
Bottler: King of Soho
Type: Gin
From: England, Please Select

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