Bloom Gin

Bloom Gin Welcome to Day 19 of #GinMonth as I review Bloom Gin.

A wonderful sample of gin provided to me by the very lovely Charlie (@The_Lady_Sybil) from The Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking, many thanks for the sample!

An interesting one this one, a little too tame and one-directional for my liking but still a nice gin.

Go try one, pop on over to Master of Malt and pick one up now.


(straight) there's a lot of juniper in here it's quite tame and woody but quite one directional

(with tonic) fresh and gentle with touches of juniper and woody branches.

(straight) quite an unusual taste here, not full of citrus but it does have some along with gentle aniseed

(with tonic) more citrus and gentle lemongrass with juniper coming through, very tame gin

(straight) woody and aniseedy.

(with tonic) tame and citrus.

Bottle Name: Bloom Gin
Age: NAS
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Bloom
Bottler: Bloom
Type: Gin
From: England, Please Select

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