Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Welcome to Day 17 of #GinMonth as I review Edinburgh Gin.

Made by Spencerfield Spirits Company, this delicious gin is distilled in Edinburgh and is flavoured with lovely botanicals including milk thistle and heather.

I've been a fan of their flavoured gin liqueurs for a while and this really is a cracking gin that i would highly recommend you seek out.

Go try one, pop on over to Master of Malt and pick one up now.

Thanks to Spencerfield Spirits for the very generous Official Sample.


(straight) There's a real freshness about the nose on this gin, it's juniper first and foremost then menthol and eucalyptus with mint underneath

(with tonic) It's gone very creamy and carnation milk like now with still that same freshness underlying it, menthol and mint with juniper popping it's head up too.

(straight) tangy peppermint and juniper berries with a hing of fresh lime peel

(with tonic) creamy, fresh tangy, juniper and lime, with almost a mango sweetness.

(straight) tangy and menthol

(with tonic) creamy and mouthcoating, yummy

Bottle Name: Edinburgh Gin
Age: NAS
ABV: 43.00
Distiller: Edinburgh Gin
Bottler: Edinburgh Gin
Type: Gin
From: Scotland, Lowland

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