Benriach Solstice 17 Year Old

Benriach Solstice Many of my whisky friends know that at the moment I have a bit of a thing for Port matured or finished whiskies so when my good friend Yoav (@yoavgel) from Whisky Gospel was over in the UK recently he brought me a wee sample of this port finished peated Benriach.

This is a fantastically odd dram with lots of peated notes and really unusual plum and melon fruit notes but they work together well.

I'm still debating on whether to get a bottle, there are other things higher on the list, but i'm very tempted. Thanks again to Yoav (@yoavgel) for the sample.


The very first notes here are of treacley plum Jam with dried prunes then comes a hint of smoke like walking into a room the morning after a cigar fuelled poker game. The nose ends with a hint of fresh honeydew Melon.

fresh honeydew melon with cigar smoke & ash and plum Jam with syrup & demerera sugar

Sweet, smooth, with hints of spice

Bottle Name: Benriach Solstice 17 Year Old
Age: 17
ABV: 50.00
Distiller: BenRiach
Bottler: BenRiach
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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