Benriach 1998 Cask # 7633 Pedro Ximenez Finish

Benriach 1998 Cask # 7633 Pedro Ximenez FinishBenriach recently released Batch 10 of it's single cask whiskies, this is a wee review of one of those drams.

This is the youngest of the 4 drams from Batch 10 that i sampled, at approx 15 years, but that is certainly not a bad thing, i really enjoyed this dram especially the fruity underlying notes. This one is a real odd-ball though as it is also "triple distilled" something that does not normally happen at Benriach, giving the whisky a smoothness that realy makes it sing. I've been a bit Benriach fan for a while now and the Pedro Ximenez finishes really do add some lovely character to their whisky

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Many thanks to Benriach for the official samples.


Sweet dried fruits with mixed nuts, gentle hints of rubber school gym shoes but not in a bad way, not that burnt rubber nasty smell more a gentle new rubber smell, theres a lovely sweetness underlying it with a fresh fruit salad of melon, kiwi and mango, the nose on this really works for me.

sweet dried fruits, with a kick of acetone, theres a touch of gym shoe rubber and a splattering of fresh fruit salad again with melon, kiwi and mango

touches of marachino cherry and a kick of spice and a hint of crushed almonds

Bottle Name: Benriach 1998 Cask # 7633 Pedro Ximenez Finish
Age: 1998 Vintage
ABV: 56.10
Distiller: BenRiach
Bottler: BenRiach
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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