Macallan 23 Year Old Spirit Drink (WhiskyBroker)

Macallan 23 yr SPirit Drink This is a really interesting dram a 23 Year Old Macallan that due to a leaky cask went below the 40% ABV minimum to be called whisky and as such is a Spirit Drink.

This bottle from WhiskyBroker is really interesting though and is really cloudy compared to any other cask strength whiskies that i've had before. Theres even some black sediment (char probably) in the bottom of the bottle which looks like ground black pepper or sand at the bottom.

A really interesting dram however and worth trying, there may even be some left on the WhiskyBroker site


The nose on this "not really whisky but legally a spirit drink" is an odd mix, of really strong sawdust and the smell of freshly cut wood, then it goes quite sweet like walking through the fresh fruit ailes in Morissons, then theres a touch of menthol and eucalyptus.

very light alcohol wise, the wood/sawdust notes are really strong, but there is a sweetness that comes from fresh fruit salad.

still a little prickly but very much freshly sawn wood

Bottle Name: Macallan 23 Year Old Spirit Drink (WhiskyBroker)
Age: 23
ABV: 34.90
Distiller: The Macallan
Bottler: Whiskybroker
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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