Dailuaine 20yr Burns Malt (The Whisky Barrel)

Dailuaine 20yr Burns Malt Part of a series of six new Burns Malt single cask single malt releases from The Whisky Barrel this is the Dailuaine 20yr Burns Malt.

I've been really impressed by the Burns Malt series from The Whisky Barrel they definitely seem to pick some cracking whiskies.

Why not drop by The Whisky Barrel and check out this and their other selections of single cask whisky


The first notes that i got as soon as i poured into the glass were of fairy liquid, it then moves quite floraly with carnations and lillies and touches of summer fruits, an edge of sawdust and some malt loaf.

lovely taste here but soo different to the nose with wholemeal brown bread there's more of the fairy liquid and a touch of sweet winter berries.

the wholemeal brown bread and winter berries keep there for a while.

Bottle Name: Dailuaine 20yr Burns Malt (The Whisky Barrel)
Age: 20
ABV: 54.10
Distiller: Dailuaine
Bottler: The Whisky Barrel
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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