Black Nikka Special

Black Nikka Blend Tasted as part of Girl Whisky's Mystery Whisky Tasting Adventure this was one of three whiskies tasted, being the Black Nikka Blend.

The perfect blend of Nikka's proprietary Coffey grains, Black Nikka Special is known by the nickname "Bearded Black" and has been a fixture in the market since 1965.


Lots of acetone, malty and cereal notes, like corn flakes and engine oil, left in the glass for a while the acetone subsides and it becomes more cereally, and a touch of wet dwey grass.

smooth and subtle, gentle oak woodyness and touches of cereal

warming afterglow but not spicy

Bottle Name: Black Nikka Special
Age: NAS
ABV: 42.00
Distiller: Nikka
Bottler: Nikka
Type: Blend
From: Japan, Please Select

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