Auchentoshan 1979 - Oloroso Matured

Auchentoshan 1979 Oloroso Sherry Finish I was lucky enough to very recently be sent a sample of this amazing Auchentoshan 1979, matured in an Oloroso Sherry cask.

Auchentoshan is one of my favourite distilleries and this whisky is a prime example of the amazing work being done at this easy to access distillery just outside Glasgow.

Thank you to Auchentoshan for the Official Sample


A mix of sweet dewy grass and dried fruit, sultanas, raisins and more greet you with subtle grace from the first whiff, reminds me of homemade fruit jam and my grans favouite fruit, Gooseberries. Theres a vanilla hint just creeping in there too

hugely fruity, sweet and a little tarte, gooseberry plum and peach jam with natural sweetness and a tiny bit of vanilla and treacle.

very moreish, fruity and hides the alcohol very very well.

Bottle Name: Auchentoshan 1979 - Oloroso Matured
Age: 33
ABV: 50.50
Distiller: Auchentoshan
Bottler: Auchentoshan
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Lowland

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