Rekorderlig Winter Cider

Rekorderlig Winter Cider Cider? really, i mean Cider? on a whisky Blog? well yes it's part of the fact that i will be posting some unusual stuff on this blog and wil be including reviews of drinks other than whisky.

there are already some Gin and Tequila reviews on here and over the coming months i will post more cider, beer, gin, vodka etc etc reviews also, it's always good to have a rounded mix of stuff.

This Rekorderlig Winter Cider is stunning, it's Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla and available directly from Rekorderlig or via Sainsburys. I first had this a few years back and love Rekorderlig now, it's a very crisp clean Swedish Cider and i'd happily recommend any of their flavours.


the sweet vanilla and cinnamon come through first with crunchy green apples, unsurprisingly, taking up the majority of the nose. The nose is light and refreshing, very subtle and clean

Very clean and fresh, the apple is there but the vanilla is the strongest flavour that comes through, the cinnamon is there and almost all spicy, the apples are very clean and crisp, crunchy and crisp.

very smooth, the sweet vanilla flavour being the lasting taste in the mouth

Bottle Name: Rekorderlig Winter Cider
Age: NAS
ABV: 4.00
Distiller: Rekorderlig
Bottler: Rekorderlig
Type: Cider
From: Sweden, Please Select

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