English Whisky Company Chapter 7

English WHisky Co Chapt 7 Second of a couple of reviews of English Whisky Company whisky. This English Whisky Company Chapter 7 sample was sent to me by the very nice Steve Prentice (@steveprentice) from Somerset Whisky blog

Unlike Chapter 6 which i reallt enjoyed, i found it very difficult to get anything pleasant from this whisky. The overpowering nature of the wood masked many of the flavours which really took a lot of effort to get.

I didnt get any rum like qualities from this whisky and if i'm honest it's been the first in a long time that i really struggled to finish my glass of.

It certainly has the beginnings of something nice in there, the citrus flavours beginning to shine, but it just feels way too young and way to woody for me.

You can however pop over to The Whisky Exchange and pick up some to try for yourself.


Oak, morning dew grass, more oak and a kick of acetone with some citrus hiding under the oak

huge oak on the palate, some lovely citrus notes

acetone and oak

Bottle Name: English Whisky Company Chapter 7
Age: NAS
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: St George's Distillery
Bottler: English Whisky Company
Type: Single Malt
From: England,

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