Ballantines 17 year old

Ballantines 17 year old I had the pleasure of tasting this Ballantines 17 year old as part of the Whisky Shop W Club Tasting Panel and i have to say it is a pleasant whisky.

Rated as the best Scotch Whisky in the 2013 version of Jim Murrays whisky bible this blended whisky is very nice, although i certainly dont think it's the best Scotch Whisky of the year.

Why not pick up a bottle from The Whisky Shop and try it for yourself.


Sweet lemongrass, fresh and airy. Has a touch of rich fruit cake and a citrus fruit peel. Underlying notes of wheat/cereal. The nose alone is utterly divine.

slight tingle on the tongue, more of the sweet lemongrass, malt biscuits and citrus notes.

sweet but with a light citrus tang.

Bottle Name: Ballantines 17 year old
Age: 17
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Ballantines
Bottler: Ballantines
Type: Blend
From: Scotland, Please Select

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