The Irishman Founders Reserve Caribbean Cask Finish

The Irishman Founders Reserve Caribbean Cask Finish Tasted as part of the Walsh Whiskey Tweet Tasting, this Irishman Caribbean Cask Finish is one of the four tasted.

A Very tasty dram that is much more robust than the other Irishman, this is much more of a Scotch still slightly dirty dram than the usual clean easy going lines of an Irish dram.

I don't really get much influence from the Caribbean Cask which is a little disappointing and could do with a bit more time in the cask I would suggest. but it is still very much an interesting dram that is worth a go.

Thanks to The Whisky Wire for organising this Tweet Tasting.


I was expecting lots of sweet rum notes but there aren't any initially, it's got a hint of fruit skins, grapes, plums, and a touch of vanilla sugar sweetness, followed by some acetone, and some undercooked cake dough.

More robust than I was expecting from the nose, quite a bit of warming spices, cinnamon and nutmeg infused tinned fruit salad, acetone, undercooked cake dough, a tingle of cinnamon sugar and ground white pepper.

Sweet, cinnamon sugar, white pepper.

Bottle Name: The Irishman Founders Reserve Caribbean Cask Finish
Age: NAS
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Walsh Whiskey
Bottler: Walsh Whiskey
Type: Blend
From: Ireland, No Defined Scottish Region

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