Southdown Cider of Shelton Montague Premium Medium Cider

Southdown Cider of Shelton Montague Premium Medium Cider I’ve been grabbing ciders from my local supermarkets for some time now but needed to find a bigger, better selection of good ciders to make my way through, there’s not. Many places locally that have it so an online order from Bristol Cider Shop came to the rescue.

A mixed selection of 12 bottles, in the medium to sweet categories which are totally my way forward, arrived today and I had to get a few in the fridge to try them out.

First up this Premium Medium Cider from Southdown Cider of Shelton Montague, a brand I was not familiar with, but I loved the presentation and plastic screw top rather than the metal cap of most.

A real chameleon on the palate this is a proper farmhouse cider and from the moment you open the bottle you know that, big farmyard notes, mixed with a myriad of apple and apple skin notes, the palate keeps you guessing and changes mouthfeel with every sip.

This is most definitely a Medium cider, maybe not quite as sweet as I woud like, but certainly very drinkable.

If you want to buy this, or some other ciders to try, why not give The Bristol Cider Shop a try.


And straight away there is that lovely note of proper strong still, farmhouse cider, light farmyard notes (a combination of Hay and general farmyard notes, so wood, dusty, concrete buildings, animals passing by etc) mixes with fresh apple skin, and that note from an apple you eat which a day later might start to turn soft.

Tangy, and it almost feels like the alcohol gives you a little nip, then toffee covered stewed apples, then more of that farmyard like note, more of those fresh apple skins too, the mouthfeel is quite odd, initially light then it becomes thicker, it twists, turns and changes on the palate.

Medium, with a touch of sweet toffee notes and a hint of tang.

Bottle Name: Southdown Cider of Shelton Montague Premium Medium Cider
Age: NAS
ABV: 7.00
Distiller: Southdown Cider of Shelton Montague
Bottler: Southdown Cider of Shelton Montague
Type: Cider
From: England, Not Scottish

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