Longmorn 1961 Private Collection cask 512 (Gordon and MacPhail)

Longmorn 1961 Private Collection cask 512 (Gordon and MacPhail) The second of two really rather special Longmorn drams from Gordon and MacPhail this cask 512 was matured in an American oak cask.

Instantly this is more my style, tropical fruits, hints of strawberry liquorice laces and tasty vanlla sugar, this is obviously ex american oak and very much a tasty dram too. If i could bottle this smell as a spray every decent whisky drinker in the world would be wearing it, its outragously good on the nose.

Teh palate is soft sweet and milky, with buttermilk, tropical fruits and coconut everything i like in a dram, this one for me i can see the reason behind the cost, i don't think i've ever had a dram that got me this entranced with its nose ever before.

If you have this level of money to spend on these drams you can do so at Gordon and MacPhail.

Massive thanks to Gordon and MacPhail for the official samples.


This is way more my style, tropical fruit punch, um bongo, Banana and hints of pineapple, strawberry haribos and touches of strawberry laces, That definitely American oak sweetness with vanilla sugar

Buttered crumpets, buttermilk, tropical fruit juice, juicy fruit chewing gum, coconut macaroons

Cinnamon, buttery croissants, warming

Bottle Name: Longmorn 1961 Private Collection cask 512 (Gordon and MacPhail)
Age: 1961 Vintage
ABV: 40.80
Distiller: Longmorn
Bottler: Gordon & MacPhail
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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