Doorlys 12 Year Old Rum

Doorlys 12 Year Old Rum When theres a possibility of a Tweet Tasting By The Floating Rum Shack that involves interesting rums, i'm never going to look away.

Rums from the Foursquare distillery in barbados and we started with this Doorlys 12 year old Rum.

This is a seriously tasty rum that i found i was really happy to sit and sip and could happily sit with all night. I've taken to drinking dark and stormy's recently so sitting sipping a lovely easy going rum like this made a big difference to me.

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initial hits of oak woodiness, sweet demerara sugar notes and honeydew floral notes, honey on lightly toasted white bread with a touch of toffee yoghurt, hints of orange zest and peel, grows more caramel toffee as it sites in the glass.

chocolate and carab coated raisins, juicy dried apricots, orange zest again, light cherry yoghurt and maraschino cocktail cherries, more of that sweet toffee caramel.

Sweet and juicy, dried apricots.

Bottle Name: Doorlys 12 Year Old Rum
Age: 12
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Foursquare
Bottler: Foursquare
Type: Rum
From: Barbados, No Defined Scottish Region

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