Benriach Triple Distilled 10 Year Old

Benriach Triple Distilled 10 Year Old I’ve seen a number of distilleries trying different things recently with Triple Distillation being one of them. The problem with triple distillation is that by pushing the ABV that bit higher you strip out some of the normal character and it becomes a lighter spirit that really needs very active casks or big flavour casks to work.

There’s definite notes in here from Benriach Coke fuel system but most of the other big notes I like from Benriach have been stripped out and its just a bit too wish washy for my liking.

This is one spirit that needed to be put in a first fill sherry, active rum, or big active wine cask to give it body and robustness.

It might to appeal to those who like Hazelburn but it’s lighter than even that.

Keep an eye out for this next time you're passing through Duty Free.

Thanks to Benriach for the official sample.


Initially very light on the nose, especially for a dram like Benriach which usually has so much to offer on the nose, some light toasted nuts and puff of coal smoke, oily, hints of vanilla and lemongrass mix with a hint of wd40 and clean synthetic car oil, touch of acetone and window putty making up the rest of the major nose notes.

Despite its complexity it’s still very light, quite thin on the palate with note. Of coal smoke, coffee grinds, and more of that synthetic car oil, there’s vanilla sweetness but the lemongrass and citrus notes are gone

More of that coal smoke and coffee grinds, gone quite quickly though

Bottle Name: Benriach Triple Distilled 10 Year Old
Age: 10
ABV: 43.00
Distiller: BenRiach
Bottler: BenRiach
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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