Sheppys VAT 14 Classic Cider

Sheppys VAT 07 Premium Cloudy Cider Another supermarket special this was part of a selection I picked up in my local supermarket and have enjoyed them all.

Its very light, almost too light but it still has a great refreshing sweetness and that slightly drying finish makes it a complete cider. Despite wanting that bit more oomph on the palate I could drink oodles of this and would happily do so, especially on a sunny summers evening, this is definitely a BBQ night cider.

More details on the Sheppys website -


Light and fresh apple juice notes, like breakfast apple juice, then a light farmyard hay note and a background note of apple Diane (apple tart with a caramel topping) with stewed apples, undercooked pastry and light caramel all coming though.

Sweet light apple note like biting Into a fresh pink lady apple, light pastry notes, there’s a little bit less oomph here than id like, almost too drinkable.

Sweetness first, then a medium drying note, still caramel etc

Bottle Name: Sheppys VAT 14 Classic Cider
Age: NAS
ABV: 5.00
Distiller: Sheppy's
Bottler: Sheppy's
Type: Cider
From: England, Not Scottish

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