Redbreast Dream Cask 32 Year Old

Redbreast Dream Cask 32 Year Old This bottle of 32 year old Redbreast from Irish Distillers sold out in record time despite its Euro500 cost for a 50cl bottle.

Rich and full of flavours the nose comes quickly and is definitely to the fore, the age shows on the palate as its much more gentle than the nose would say, its a seriously tasty dram that would work well with a rich pudding or on a slightly wet spring/autumn day.

Pricey, but not ridiculously so for a dram of this age!

Thanks to Irish Distillers for the official sample


There’s a bit of a liquorice like note coming up first, then a touch of light balsa wood, there’s a touch of herbal goodness, maybe thyme and rosemary, definitely leafy, Its got a bit of flat Pepsi cola going on then a bit more oak, like a gentle oak leaf sauce.

Quite gentle initially, you need to give it time to allow all the flavours to fully explode across your palate, tangy fruit peel, chinese all spice coated donuts, demerera sugar rich fruit cake and suet pudding, a hint of mahogany furniture polish and beeswax.

Tangy fruit peels and chines all spice coated donuts, tangy and spicy

Bottle Name: Redbreast Dream Cask 32 Year Old
Age: 32
ABV: 46.50
Distiller: Midleton
Bottler: Midleton
Type: Single Malt
From: Ireland, No Defined Scottish Region

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