Glen Moray 2008 Cider Finish Cask

Glen Moray 2008 Cider Finish Cask My good friend Barry from The Whisky Philes recently took part in a tweet tasting of Glen Moray drams with The Whisky Wire and shared some of the generous samples from these single cask expressions with me.

I've tried a cider cask finish from Glen Moray before, it was a Fill your Own shared with me by a few friends, but didn't get round to writing any notes on it as it it was just too damn drinkable.

This expression once again uses those casks that have initially had Bourbon, then Glen Moray, then Thistly Cross cider, then back to Glen Moray for whisky again and then finished for around 2 years in this cask giving it an appley tang.

This dram is Seriously tasty nd this would pair amazingly well with lashing of apple crumble or as a breakfast dram with a danish or cinnamon bun. I really do like these cider cask finished Glen Morays and if this appears as a single cask i will definitely be snapping it up

Thanks to Barry at The Whisky Philes for sharing his samples.


Interesting slight bitter note, red liquorice laces, wood spice, bitter Brantley apples, hints of strong cider, or is that just my mind playing tricks of me, toffee caramel topping apple pie, strawberry coconut sugar bar.

Initially thin mouthfeel that becomes thicker quite a lot more Apple and toffee and lots of sweetness, apple and custard danish

Sweet chalky fruity Edinburgh rock

Bottle Name: Glen Moray 2008 Cider Finish Cask
Age: 2008 Vintage
ABV: 51.80
Distiller: Glen Moray
Bottler: Glen Moray
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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Drinks Writer
The Whisky Philes

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