Macallan 1992 Black Gold (Morrison and Mackay)

Macallan 1992 Black Gold (Morrison and Mackay) Black a Gold is the best of the best from the Carn Mor Celebration of the Cask series from Morrison and Mackay and with a Macallan that’s 25/26 years old and single cask you know why it’s in this series.

The nose is very pleasant it really is quite enticing with a sweet fruity element with that polished mahogany and chipantilly cream, but the palate just comes across really spicy and over Oaked.

A pricey bottle at around £700-750 but this will sell and those who like heavy rich sherries drams will lap it up, but for me it’s simply not my style.

Only specialist i can see currently with stock is House of Malt but keep an eye on others for it popping up.

Thanks to Graeme from Morrison & Mackay for the sample.


Initial hit of polished mahogany furniture, hints of acetone and glue, prune juice and chantilly cream, there’s a splash of spice and dried fruits and a very light rubber kids gym shoes/plimsoles note, not unpleasant, it’s light.

Rich, spicy, dried fruits, big woody notes, cinnamon coated bread sticks, a little more plimsoles and those prunes are back too.

Spicy, wood spices, sweet dried fruits

Bottle Name: Macallan 1992 Black Gold (Morrison and Mackay)
Age: 1992 Vintage
ABV: 56.40
Distiller: The Macallan
Bottler: Morrison & Mackay
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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