Eddu Silver

Eddu SIlver Blind review of the Eddu Silver

I recently took part in the Dramming.com Freestyle Blind Tasting contest which entailed being sent 5 blind samples, identified only by colour which i then had to nose and taste and send back my best guesses at. To be honest i was utterly rubbish at this but i will show below what my guess was for each whisky.

I had guessed that this was - an Isle of Jura 1995 grand Crus Classe Cask Diurachs own Scottish Whisky at 57% (lol only a HUGE whoops by me then lol)


Instant tannic notes, very reminiscent of Bruichladdich Rocks for me, so either young metallic wood, or a red wine cask, fruity, redcurrants, sweet and a touch floral

Not tannic on the palette, would still suggest a wine finish of some kind, very fruity and a touch tangy

Drying, but sweet, no alcohol tang

Bottle Name: Eddu Silver
Age: NAS
ABV: 40.00
Distiller: Eddu
Bottler: Eddu
Type: Single Malt
From: France, Please Select

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