Glenfiddich Experimental Series - Winter Storm

Glenfiddich Experimental Series - Winter Storm Following on from the first two drams in the Experimental series, the IPA and the XX this third in the series has been finished in sweet Canadian Ice wine casks, a delicious sweet dessert wine.

Being a huge fan of both Glenfiddich and Ice Wine, and Dessert wine finished whiskies in general this sounded like it would be right up my street.

The nose is epic, the palate a touch light but certainly tasty, very balanced, I just want more of those pears on the palate. For the price i think there are better drams, but the balance and the nose, which you would sniff all week long, are great, it just seems to be missing a little spark.

Sold out everywhere i can see but keep an eye on sites like Master of Malt as rumour has it another batch is due March 2018.

Thanks to Glenfiddich for the official sample.


Unmistakably Glenfiddich with huge swathes of orchard fruits, pear strudel with sweet sugary topping and a side of Danish pastries, some heather honey, pear drops coming through underneath with a hint of elderflower & stewed pears.

The palate is light but packed with flavour, the age comes through with pine/oak wood spices, then sweetness, wine poached spiced pears, vanilla but then cinnamon sugar

Sweet and spicy, seriously moreish, lasts for a long time

Bottle Name: Glenfiddich Experimental Series - Winter Storm
Age: 21
ABV: 43.00
Distiller: Glenfiddich
Bottler: Glenfiddich
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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