Bulleit Frontier Whisky 95 Rye

Bulleit Frontier Whisky 95 Rye Bulleit predicted the rye boom before I had even properly got into whisky, their bourbon already had a pretty high rye content at 30% so it’s not surprising that the mash bill for this dram sits at a whooping 95% Rye and 5% Malted Barley (not a piece of corn in sight). This one’s going to be interesting.

All in all, not fantastic but not the worst, this isn’t a rye to be drunk straight, the extremely high rye over powers the pallet and the nose making it hard to pick out individual flavours but, saying that if you use this as a base in cocktails and it will stand its ground. So, in summary great value, use it in cocktails (Especially a Sazerac)

You can pick up a bottle at Master of Malt to try for yourself.

Thanks to Drinks by the Dram for this sample.


Heavy citrus and fresh coriander and ginger on the nose, the freshness lingers then drops off to tobacco and worn leather

Spicy as a girl band from the 90’s, unfortunately not a lot else some vanilla, maple syrup and the tobacco popping up again, but overall a bit flat

A long saline after burn almost like fresh chillies, with a subtle grassy note

Bottle Name: Bulleit Frontier Whisky 95 Rye
Age: NAS
ABV: 45.00
Distiller: Bulleit
Bottler: Bulleit
Type: Rye
From: USA, Not Scottish

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