Jura One and All 20 Year Old

Jura One and All 20 Year OldIt's not a secret that i love Jura whisky, in fact many of my whisky friends would describe me as Jura fanboy which i'm pretty much ok with, and when a new release comes along i'm always more than happy to give it a try.

This One and All is a 20 year old jura created to represent the community on Jura and the community themselves were involved in the selection of this whisky.

"One And All is matured in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels and specially prepared with Jura aged in Sherry wood, Sparkling Cabernet Franc casks, Cabernet Sauvignon casks and Pinot Noir barriques." That seems an awful lot of work, so lets see how it fairs.

For me first thoughts, with the nose, are not positive, I'm not huge on wine and this smells more like a strong fortified wine than it does a whisky, something i really don't want in my whisky, if it has a wine influence, it should be an influence not overpowering it.

The palate brings it back and the ABV certainly helps with this, although it is still very easy on the palate for 51%, there's still a large wine influence which i would like to see backed off a fair bit, but it's definitely a very interesting expression.

You can pick up from specialists like Master of Malt but do so quickly if you like the sound of it as it may not hang around for long.

Thanks to Jura for the official sample.


It's quite wine lead on the nose, white wine rather than red though, almost Sauvignon Blanc, then spiced soaked sultanas, aromatic leaf bitters, a hint of cheeseboard and caramalised onion chutney, quite waxy

spicy ginger and tannic wood spices, fruit chunks (papaya, apricot, plum) dark chocolate shavings, a touch of pine and again those cheeseboard and chutney notes

tannic, drying, wood spices, growing, huge, long lasting and then a touch of sweetness

Bottle Name: Jura One and All 20 Year Old
Age: 20
ABV: 51.00
Distiller: Jura
Bottler: Jura
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands

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