Glencadam 1975 (Montgomeries)

Glencadam 1975 (Montgomeries)Being the age I am it's not that often that i get to try whiskies older than i am, although i do happen to have tried quite a few, and even rarer to try ones the same age as me but this Glencadam 1975 from Independent bottlers Montgomeries was distilled when i was but a month old.

Glencadam is still a distillery I haven't tried a lot of and this is the first independent bottling of Glencadam that i have came across.

Huge sweet waxy polish and fruit on the nose with a bit savoury and sweet sword fight going on in the palate, both taking jabs at each other but with grace, poise and precision, it's a beautiful drop of whisky and one i would highly recommend.

This was bottled around 10 years ago, so thanks to my good friend who let me have a sample to try, but if you see one of these around pick it up, or better yet, let me know so i can buy it.


freshly polished mahogany, using beeswax in there, canned peaches and pears in light golden syrup, light dusty oak, a touch of dunnage warehouse and a round umami / savoury cracker like note

initially quite a lot of wood spice and oak on the tip of the tongue, then a savoury sweetness, fudge topped cream crackers, the beeswax polish is back along with some stately home lounges (dusty, woody, leathery), some sweet tinned fruit syrup again

wood spices in syrup, long fresh eucalyptus notes

Bottle Name: Glencadam 1975 (Montgomeries)
Age: 1975 Vintage
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Glencadam
Bottler: Montgomeries
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Highland

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