Mezan Jamaica Worthy Park 2005 Rum

Mezan Jamaica Worthy Park 2005 RumJamaican rum from the Worthy park distillery distilled in 2005 and bottled in 2017, now that sounds like a treat to me.

Worthy Park produces a number of products but are very much at the forefront of producing rum in the classic Jamaican style, this is the one from this set that really had me excited.

I thought this rum was the pick of the bunch, orange and chocolate notes, hints of acetone and glue but their well matched by the chocolate orange and bitter cocoa notes, this is a definite sipper of a rum, and one i need a bottle of in my cupboard.

Available to purchase from Master of Malt.

Thanks to The Whisky Wire and Mezan Rum for including me on this Tweet Tasting.


Orange peel and pith, orange oil, terrys chocolate orange, furniture polish, acetone and PVA glue, beeswax polished mahogany furniture, cocoa powder, dusty rooms.

Terrys chocolate orange again, that beeswax polished furniture and dusty dirty warehouses, bitter cocoa powder and acetone

Acetone, bitter cocoa powder

Bottle Name: Mezan Jamaica Worthy Park 2005 Rum
Age: 2005 Vintage
ABV: 46.00
Distiller: Mezan
Bottler: Mezan
Type: Rum
From: Jamaica, No Defined Scottish Region

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