North British 55yr 1962 XOP (Douglas Laing)

North British 55yr 1962 XOP (Douglas Laing) When you get to a certain age whisky tends to not be older than you, or if it is it gets very expensive, so being in my early 40s and drinking a whisky 13 year older than me, this really does make me stop and think.

North British is Edinburghs only remaining grain distillery and using corn/maize they tend to have a lovely soft sweet spirit, and this 55 year old is certainly no different to that.

Filled with delicious toffee and butterscotch, lots of beeswax and furniture polish notes and real signes of age, including those dunnage warehouse notes, this is a dram anyone would love and for any of those malt snobs out there, this kicks the ass off anything you might suggest is better.

Still currently in stock at Master of Malt.

Thanks to Douglas Laing for the official sample as part of my Douglas Laing Fellows pack.


Initial sweet polish notes, hints of beeswax and definite dub age warehouse signs of age, a furniture warehouse (mahogany furniture, new leather, polish), vanilla custard slice (hits of pastry and icing ) a light hint of toffee caramel.

Butterscotch and beeswax polish, delicate and sweet, a hint of light cask char and oak leaf sauce, a touch of spice and green vegetation.

A light hint of spiced toffee caramel, and cask char medium length

Bottle Name: North British 55yr 1962 XOP (Douglas Laing)
Age: 55
ABV: 41.00
Distiller: North British
Bottler: Douglas Laing
Type: Single Cask Single Grain
From: Scotland, Lowland

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