Longmorn 1967 Speyside Collection (Gordon and MacPhail)

Longmorn 1967 Speyside Collection (Gordon and MacPhail)  Yet another for me to try from the Gordon and MacPhail Wood Makes the Whisky campaign is this 1967 Vintage Longmorn, which makes me feel like a young whipper snapper.

This lovely well aged Longmorn is filled with signs of that age with a sweet dustiness, almost dunnage warehouse, type note, then the sweet fruits of this distillery shine through, a brilliant sipper of a dram that takes you to yesteryear easily, a bottle of this would be a slow burner as you would want to savour every single drop.

Sold out at specialists like Master of Malt, you might get one cropping up somewhere or at an auction.

Thanks to Gordon and MacPhail for the official sample.


Wow, you can smell that sweet waxy fruitiness about 3 feet away, there's such lovely juicy fruit, fresh fruits and juicy fruit chewing gum, dried fruit with sprinkles of Demerara sugar with beeswax and that gentle dustiness that comes with well aged drams from this period, a touch of nutmeg hides in the background, woody and spicy,

A tangy taste note on the tip of the tongue is joined by huge fruity sweetness and syrupy goodness, lots of summer berry bittersweet notes, waxy and syrupy mouthfeel, a touch of wood spice and nutmeg, cinnamon sugar and orange oil.

Cinnamon and nutmeg infused sugar, with a thick waxy syrupyness

Bottle Name: Longmorn 1967 Speyside Collection (Gordon and MacPhail)
Age: 1967 Vintage
ABV: 43.00
Distiller: Longmorn
Bottler: Gordon & MacPhail
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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