BenRiach 2007 (cask 105)

BenRiach 2007 (cask 105) Yet another from a set of reviews of Benriach batch 14 single casks, although these have just been released they already seem to have been snapped up in many specialists.

This was one that intrigued me, from a first fill oloroso sherry butt, but peated spirit, this could either be awful or brilliant for me. Well it's certainly not awful, there's a really interesting hint of antiseptic that i don't normally get with peated Benriachs which almost makes this feel like an Islay, lots of mineral notes and sweetness and that tannic dry spice on the finish, not brilliant, but not far off.

Already seems to have sold out from Specialists like Master of Malt but there may be one or two still around.

Thanks to The Benriach for the official samples.


A touch of antiseptic mixing with heather honey, sweet Brazil nuts, hints of cake mix, cannabis resin

Peanut brittle, light earthiness, Heather honey and gentle cottage chimney smoke, mineralogy, steamlodge pumice

Hints of spice

Bottle Name: BenRiach 2007 (cask 105)
Age: 2007 Vintage
ABV: 62.20
Distiller: BenRiach
Bottler: BenRiach
Type: Single Cask Single Malt
From: Scotland, Speyside

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