Highland Park Fire Edition

Highland Park Fire Edition I was really excited about this release, I like Highland Park, especially the ex-bourbon matured variants, and i love port matured whisky so this sounded right up my street.

The nose is very un highland park like the palate is much more distillery style, fruity, tangy and interesting, worth trying but not sure I could drink my way throug a whole and i'm glad this was a share with friends.

If you like the sherried Highland Park style this might also not suit, it's definitely got something interesting in it, although i think the price tag is way over the top.

If you think it's reasonable and want to give it a try, then pop to Master of Malt for a bottle or 3cl sample.


Spicy jam almost like a caramelised onion chutney, damson berries and sweet chilli jam, a touch of damp driftwood and some pickled baby lemons, lemon pith and hints of yeasty bread, some Ribena on the background

Blowtorch scorched blackberries and raspberries, rose water caramel and heathery smoke, more of the sweet chilli jam, really dark chocolate (berries and bitter)

Lovely warming, long lasting

Bottle Name: Highland Park Fire Edition
Age: 15
ABV: 45.20
Distiller: Highland Park
Bottler: Highland Park
Type: Single Malt
From: Scotland, Islands

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